Treasures Close To The Heart

Speaker: Indradyumna Swami
Where: Sri Vrindavan Dham,  July 31, 2020

A Treasure Chest Of Blessings

Speaker: Indradyumna Swami
Where: Russia,  June 29, 2014

Forward March

Speaker: Indradyumna Swami
Where: Karoli, India, October 29, 2013

The Call of the Lord

Speaker: Indradyumna Swami
Where: Vrindavana, India, November 7, 2012

Glories of Radha Madana Mohana Temple

Speaker: His Holiness Indradyumna Swami
Where: Vrindavana, India, October 29, 2012

You are not a Statue

Speaker: His Holiness Indradyumna Swami
Verse: Srimad Bhagavatam – 2.3.22
Where: St. Petersburg, Russia, May 30, 2009
Essence: When taking the darsan of the Deity in the Temple, neophyte devotees become restless after a few minutes. However, advanced devotees think “It took me a million lives to get here. I am not going anywhere.”

Fortune Favors the Bold – Initiation Lecture

Speaker: His Holiness Indradyumna Swami
Where: Krasnoyarsk, Russia, May 27, 2009
Essence: “The gopis are so enamored by Krsna’s beauty that they don’t even consider the beauty of a cintamani stone which is more valuable than all the jewels in this world.”

Glories of Sri Radha Madanmohan

Artist: His Holiness Indradyumna Swami
Where: Sri Radha Madanmohan temple, Vrindavana, Nov 2, 2007
Pastimes: How Srila Sanatana goswami finds Madangopal diety and worships Him.

Pastimes at Ter kadamba

Artist: His Holiness Indradyumna Swami
Where: Ter kadamba, Vrindavana, Oct 28, 2007

  • Krsna’s pastimes with the cowherd boys.
  • Sri Sri Radha Krsna’s first meeting of a day.
  • Sri Radhika brings sweet rice to Srila Rupa Goswami
  • Remain Pure

    Where: Apr 26’th 2007, Hungary.
    Verse: Srimad Bhagavatham – 6.18.53
    Courtesy: Braja Gopali Dasi.
    Essence: “The most important thing is we have to remain pure. Then message of Godhead can come through hearts of devotees. We have very heavy responsibility now…we are Lord’s instruments now. We have to become good devotees, so our Spiritual masters’ can conquer the world.”